Physiotherapy for You

Whether you are an avid athlete or more of a leisurely stroll, in any case you should be fit to do the things you like most.

Being able to move as we please is so closely linked to our health and quality of life. Staying active is the best way to secure our health for the future. And of course, our four-legged friends want us to stay active with them.

So physiotherapy helps not only improve your health now, but also prevent health problems in the future.

Treatments focus on what is important to you personally and what you would like to be able to do again, using both manual techniques such as mobilisation techniques, massage, stretching and home exercises, so that you yourself are in charge of your own health.

Besides the practical approach, I also find it important to see and address complaints in a broader perspective. Physical complaints are not just caused by overuse or injuries. Stress and nutrition so often play a role to a greater or lesser extent. To really get rid of or reduce complaints for a longer period of time, it is important to also address the deeper causes. Awareness of these causes is already an important first step towards a fitter future