Working together with a happy healthy horse isn’t that what we all want?

To achieve that so much has to come together. The communication between you and your horse has to be clear and friendly. Both you and your horse need to be physically strong and able to move together in the same rhythm.  Physical and mental strength, flexibility, and clearness in our movements both on the ground and while riding.  Are just a couple of things that are important for good horsemanship. 

In the lessons we work on all aspects that are needed to get that harmony in your riding. Whether you like to become better at dressage, jumping or you want to enjoy the outdoors together the basics stay the same.

Depending on where you stand there are a couple of basic principles that we work with.

  • Understanding your horse is the first step to be able to make yourself understood by him
  • Knowledge about how your horse’s body works and what he needs to be able to carry you
  • Increasing your own strength flexibility and body awareness so you will be able to give clear signals
  • Increasing your horse’s strength 

Practically the lessons will involve groundwork exercises, bodyawareness exercises, and of course riding.

In the first lesson we will look at what your personal goals are and where you stand at the moment.

Most important is you and your horse can enjoy every step of the way towards your goals. That way you both can grow and maybe in the end you find that growth is more rewarding than the end goal.