Weight and health check

Nowadays are there many dogs with weight problems, a problem withs has a large effect on the health. Dogs with overweight problems have it more difficult to be active. This can lead to a vicieus cirkel where the weight problem will increase. Just as for us gives overweight also many health problems for our dogs. The risk for osteoarthritis increases and it can lead to heart and vascular disease aswel as diabetes. Altogether can overweight lower the life expectancy up to 2 year.

The risk of obesity can go up after spaying/neutering or as they get older. But it happens also quickly that dogs simply get too much food/treats and not enough exercise.

Of course, being underweight is not good for their health either. Underweight can have several causes, such as worms, dental problems, stress, intestinal problems, food allergies or other diseases.

A health check will give you an idea of how your dog is doing and wat you can do to improve his health.

A health check consists of a weight check, an evaluation of his movements, a muscle test and a general fitness check. After that, you’ll get advice and tips so you know what you can do to get your dog in the best condition.