Physiotherapy for Horses

Often we ask a lot of our horses and in a lot of cases physiotherapy can help improve the performance of your horse and keep him healthy and happy. Physiotherapy for horses can help with a lot of problems.

You can think about recovering after an injury but also when you keep facing the same difficulty in your riding. Or maybe you just feel that your horse isn’t moving as healthy and happy as he should.

Specificly you can think about the following problems:

  • Neck and back problems/pain
  • Asymmetric movements
  • Decreased performance
  • Muscle problems
  • Stiffnes
  • Old age related problems such as artritis

In the first consult I do a thorough examination of your horse where I look at his movements and examine him literally from head to toe. Based on those findings I give you my conclusion and advise. Treatment can consist of massage and mobilisation techniques together with specific exercises.

Massaging sensitive camargue mare Tchita